The MOD (modulo) operation in SQL returns the remainder of the division of one number by another. It is represented by the MOD keyword or the % (percent) symbol. The MOD operation can be useful in various scenarios, such as calculating cyclic values or determining if one number is evenly divisible by another.

Basic syntax

-- Using MOD keyword
SELECT MOD(column1, column2) AS result
FROM your_table;

-- Using % symbol
SELECT column1 % column2 AS result
FROM your_table;


SELECT 10 MOD 3 AS modulo_result;
-- Output: 1

SELECT 15 % 4 AS modulo_result;
-- Output: 3

SELECT column1, column2, column1 % column2 AS modulo_result
FROM your_table;

Handling division by zero

Just like with division, it's important to handle cases where the divisor is zero to avoid errors. You can use a CASE statement or NULLIF function for this purpose.


SELECT column1, column2,
  CASE WHEN column2 <> 0 THEN column1 % column2 ELSE NULL END AS safe_modulo_result
FROM your_table;